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Contaminant-Free Products

Keep Your Body Contaminant Free

Resources to protect your body and ultimately our water resources by understanding product labels to help make wise choices.

Rain gardens/native plantings

Blue Thumb: Planting for Clean Water

The Blue Thumb program will help you create plantings and gardens that look beautiful and work to keep water clean. How-to videos included.

Metro Blooms

Learn more about rain gardens and watch a video of a rain garden installation.

Minnesota Wildflowers: A Project for Justice

Find photos and information about wildflowers that grow in Minnesota, both native and non-native.

Landscaping with Native Plants: MN DNR

A resource for Minnesotans interested in learning more about how to use native plants in there landscape.

Shoreland Management

Shoreland Management Information

The Extension Service, in partnership with the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, provides copies of several helpful guides on the website, including "Quick and Easy Answers."

MN Dept. of Natural Resources: Shoreland Management

An excellent resource highlighting Minnesota tools to naturalize your shoreline.


How to build a rain barrel

This step-by-step video also lists supplies needed.

How to construct a rain barrel

This step-by-step guide provides instructions for making your own rain barrel.

Rain barrel guide

Learn how to use rain barrels for rainwater harvesting.

Downspout Disconnection

Why disconnect your downspout

This guide will help you redirect or disconnect the water from your downspout.

Sustainable lawn care

University of MN: Sustainable Lawn Care Information Series

Learn new ways to achieve a healthy and sustainable lawn.

Low Impact Lawn Care

Healthy lawns require fewer chemicals, hold the soil in place, and withstand drought. This link provides the top things you can do to keep your lawn happy and healthy.

Eartheasy: Solutions for Sustainable Living

Identify natural solutions for a healthy lawn.

Our Water – Our World: Pesticide Info & Alternatives

This website helps consumers manage home and garden pests in a sustainable, environmental manner.


The Science and Engineering of Composting
Composting and Mulching: A Guide to Managing Organic Yard Wastes

Learn how to build and maintain a compost pile as well as use the compost in the yard and garden.

Start Composting in Your Backyard

Learn how to transform food scrapes and yard waste into rich organic compost.

Benefits of trees

Arbor Day Foundations

This resource highlights the importance of trees from adding value to your home to food for wildlife and everything in-between.

Tree Planting and Care

This resource is designed to help landowners learn more about tree planting and care. Trees are truly a lifetime investment whether in your backyard or back woods.

MN Department of Agriculture: Plants, Pests & Pest Control

Learn about pest control and plant disease that may impact your trees, including information on Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt and other barriers to healthy trees.

Healthy septic systems

Water Resources Center: Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) Program

Offers training on appropriate wastewater treatment technologies, from simple operation and maintenance of a septic system, to helping guide a community.

SSTS Homeowner Information

Resources for homeowners on: sewage treatment, how to hire an SSTS professional, system options, and requirements on inspections, maintenance and abandonment.


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: Water Conservation

Learn how reducing your water demand can save you money.

Save Water Today

Making small changes at home can make a big difference when it comes to conserving our natural resources and protecting our planet for future generations.

Water Conservation Guide

Tips, facts and information about water conservation.


Tri-County Solid Waste

Your local resources to dispose of household hazardous wastes properly. Also, check out the product exchange program to divert hazardous waste from entering our environment and save you money.


East Side Oil Companies

Free 24-hour self-serve drop-off for used oil such as motor oil and transmission.


Ground Water and Wellhead Protection

Minnesota Department of Health

Learn how to protect our underground drinking water resources for contamination and how to test well water quality.


Benton Soil & Water Conservation District

It is the mission of the Benton Soil & Water Conservation District to protect and enhance soil, water, and other natural resources; to nurture a conservation ethic by educating county residents on conservation and environmental issues.

320.968.5300 Ext. 3

Stearns County Soil & Water Conservation District

It is the mission of the Stearns County Soil & Water Conservation District to provide local leadership in the conservation of soil, water and related natural resources through programs and partnerships with individuals, businesses, organizations and governments.

320.251.7800 Ext. 3

Sherburne County Soil & Water Conservation District

The Sherburne County Soil & Water Conservation District is dedicated to working directly with landowners and agencies in order to promote the wise and sustainable use of our land and water related resources to educate and inform the public about these uses; to help solve the resource problems within the District and to serve as a county wide natural resource information and referral center.

763.241.1170 Ext. 4

Clearwater River Watershed District

It is the mission of the Clearwater River Watershed District to promote, preserve and protect water resources to maintain property values and quality of life.


Middle Fork Crow Watershed District

The Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District exists for the protection and preservation of water quality.


North Fork Crow River Watershed District

It is the mission of the North Fork Crow River Watershed District to improve and enhance water quality, to control water flow, to reduce erosion and sedimentation, to provide wise public, private and natural use of water while maintaining, enhancing and preserving public and private drainage for present and future residents.


Sauk River Watershed District

It is the mission of Sauk River Watershed District to apply our unique abilities and authorities in ways that protect and enhance our watershed's resources for today and tomorrow.



Minnesota Rural Water Association

Provides technical assistance to small municipal and non-municipal systems operators, and rural water and wastewater districts with populations less than 10,000. Also provides training across the state to educate water and wastewater operators, community leaders and elected officials on the latest regulatory information, management, financial stability, operation and maintenance of their systems.


University of Minnesota Extension Service

The University of Minnesota Extension Service delivers research-based and relevant educational programs and information to Minnesota citizens and communities.


Freshwater Society

The mission of the Freshwater Society is to promote the protection and rational management of all freshwater resources. The Freshwater Society has several programs to promote the conservation and stewardship of all freshwater resources. Each week, the Freshwater Society posts links to some of the best regional, national and international coverage of water and the environment.


Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

Works through local governments to protect and enhance the state's soil and water resources by implementing the state's conservation policies, comprehensive local water management and the Wetland Conservation Act. Website provides assistance in identifying local water-planners or district conservationists, or for those seeking technical assistance.


Minnesota Department of Agriculture

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture regulates pesticide and fertilizer use, and conducts agricultural water quality protection practice research and outreach. Its lawn care and water quality website increases public awareness of lawn practices and their potential impact on water quality.


Minnesota Department of Health

Assuring drinking water quality is the responsibility of the Minnesota Department of Health. Visit their website to learn how individuals and communities can protect their drinking water supply.


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

The primary agency responsible for Minnesota's fish and wildlife resources. Website allows users to search databases for fishery survey, management plan data, water chemistry data, recreational and topographic maps and other information relative to a specific body of water. Also has valuable information on aquatic invasive species.


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Provides statewide monitoring of quality, regulatory controls for pollution as well as technical assistance and education regarding pollution control practices. Website includes information on their Citizen Lake and Stream Monitoring Programs, a variety of brochures, lists of the state's impaired waters and online tools for charting and interpreting lake data.


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